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Return Fire Glass

No other bulletproof glass on the market performs like our ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass. Providing ballistic protection from one side and the ability to counterattack from the other, ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass maintains structural integrity and protection levels while allowing defenders to return fire. ONEWAY® Glass is combat tested and proven to stop up to NIJ Level IV, Euronorm (EN) B7. Available in sheet sizes or cut to precise dimensions, ONEWAY® Glass provides superior personnel protection installed as glazing for high value buildings and police stations, Cash-in-Transit armored trucks, police cruisers, military vehicles, and VIP luxury limos. Available for installation in vehicles and buildings, ONEWAY® Glass is installed with ballistic-rated framing to provide a complete security solution for architectural applications.

  • Provides protection up to NIJ Level IV, EN B7.
  • Allows defender to return fire.
  • Available in sheet sizes or cut to specific dimensions.
  • Applications include vehicles to buildings.
  • ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass is available exclusively from the Armour Group.
  • Armour Group products are designed, fabricated and manufactured entirely in the United States.

Armour Group, Inc.

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Armour Group. Inc. designs, fabricates and manufactures transparent and opaque armor, armored vehicles, vehicle armoring kits, interdiction vessels, and mobile hospitals. Armour Group manufactures and delivers products for military, law enforcement, and civilian use at our 41,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in South Florida. In addition to serving the U.S. Armed Forces and their various key subcontractors, we also accommodate international customers and governments, and commercial interests, as well as the United Nations and non-governmental agencies. Our RhinoRUNNER® armored personnel transport vehicle has transported and protected thousands of troops and dignitaries in Iraq and Afghanistan. From our superior ballistic glass to our latest armored vehicles, Armour Group's entire product portfolio is designed to protect.

Founded by Martin Miller, President, Armour Group, Inc. Armour Group has been in growth mode over the last year. In July 2010, Armour Group purchased substantially all of the assets of Advanced Blast Protection, Inc. of Weston, FL. These assets consist primarily of the technical data packages, including engineering drawings, vehicle and product designs, manufacturing processes and procedures and trade names for the RhinoRUNNER® and RhinoRAPTOR® vehicles and more than 60 different RhinoPAK® uparmoring kits. These assets also include the product formulations and patent rights for ONEWAY® Glass (RhinoGLASS™), plus all customer lists and marketing materials associated with those products.

Armour Group has not only grown with its purchase of Advanced Blast Protection's assets and the acquisition of Strategic Protection Corporation, but we have ensured continuity in leadership and skill set with the hiring of key personnel from both companies.

In another sign of its growth, Armour Group concluded the acquisition and merger of Strategic Protection Corporation (SPC) in September 2010 for an undisclosed sum. SPC is internationally recognized as one of the premier sales and marketing companies in the fields of intelligence and related security services. SPC specializes in performing threat assessments, and developing risk mitigation strategies. SPC is renowned for listening to the needs of developing countries and designing solutions that meet the requirements for their clients' States. Their extensive bench of manufacturers' representatives is now deployed to meet the growing demands for Armour Group internationally. As part of the acquisition, the CEO of Strategic Protection Corporation became the President of Armour Group.

Armour Group, Inc.'s acquisition of Strategic Protection Corporation in September, 2010 brings to Armour Group, Inc., marketing and manufacturing rights to the RhinoINTERCEPT™ series of interdiction vessels, as well as the RhinoMEDIC™ (AMOHS) Mobile Hospital.

—Martin Miller, President

Armour Group, Inc.

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Armour Group, Inc. designs, fabricates & manufactures all products entirely in the United States at its facilities in Hollywood, Florida.

"Armour Group is a Defense Contractor & Broker based in the United States with Manufacturing Facilities located South Florida."

"Armour Group is licensed by the State Department for International Traffic in Arms Regulation for Manufacturing and Exporting. "

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