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JUNE 18, 2012
We are dedicated to our mission of protecting lives. In light of the rapidly changing conditions around the world we continue to collect intelligence, conduct analysis and do internal forecasts. We are pleased to share some of our thoughts, which are solely our own, with you. Our views and forecasts do not reflect those of any other organization or country and are provided to ensure our equipment and armor design meet current and emerging threats worldwide.


As global threats, violence, and unrest increase we have our forecast for the following countries:

Increasing anti-Christian violence as evidenced by recent bombings of churches and others targeting innocent civilians, as well as tribal sabotage and violence over disputes of fair share of oil allotments. Kidnappings will increase and the Nigerian Government will lose more and more revenue as a result of illegal tapping into oil wells, syphoning, and sabotage. Islamic militant extremism in the area is also rising. The Government also lacks the resources to contain the extremism, although the government has the oil resources and funds to do so.
As Syria drifts deeper into civil war, dependence on Iran and their relationship with Iran will increase as long as Assad remains in power. Islamic extremists including Al-qaeda are supplying manpower and weapons to the insurgents. Unless Western interests intervene in a more forceful way, Assad will ultimately fall and Syria will become an even greater threat as it transitions to a radical Islamic-influenced state. This will lead to increased instability and violence in Lebanon. We believe Russian and Chinese support for Assad will decrease as the support for Assad decreases. Influence and support for the Syrian regime will wane in the short term. Israel and Turkey continue to monitor the situation closely with great nervousness and we expect to see more military and economic support by the Sunni and Gulf states.

The strength of the military council will force moderation regardless of who wins the elections. We expect that civil unrest to continue at current levels and escalate because of the condition of the Egyptian economy, which is currently in shambles. In the short term, Islamic extremism will be held in check due to the strength of the military.


Mauritania and Libya continue to trouble us. We do not see the emergence of a unified stable Libyan government in the near term, however, Mauritania may be subject to an increasing number of radical attacks.

Our outlook for Central Africa is bleak. Yemen will continue to emerge as the leading hub of anti-western terrorist training and activities. We believe that South Yemen is ungovernable by the central government of Yemen. Mali looks very much like it will become the next Yemen. Liberia and the Sudan also continue to export extremist activity. The Ivory Coast, a pro-western democracy, will come under increasing threat without a substantial increase in Western support.


South and Central America continue to be problematic for the U.S. Without substantial additional equipment and training, the Mexican Government will be unable to combat the drug cartels. The Mexican Government will also not be able to effectively curtail the flow of illegals to the United States which include Hezbollah-trained elements. The threat by sea will rapidly increase as the threat on land continues. We expect to see continued civil unrest and leftist-inspired violence. We also expect to see an increase in the murder rate in Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. These governments do not have adequate training and resources to reverse the situation.


We expect the trend in Southeast Asia of extremist violence to continue in escalation. We think Indonesia and Miramar will come under increasing risk of violence.


Sunni Gulf States will come under increasing pressure as the demonstrations in Bahrain increase. The spillover violence from Yemen will be a continuing problem for Saudi Arabia. The power and influence of Iran will continue to be an escalating threat and source of nervousness for all of the Gulf States. We believe Saudi Arabia will be more proactive in these areas, which they see as vital to stability for the region. We expect to see no diminution in sectarian violence in Iraq and expect to see more and more Iranian influence.


We see the anti-U.S. sentiment in Pakistan increasing in the near future. We wonder how long it will be before the military considers it necessary to take control. We see pressure to cut U.S. aid to Pakistan which will increase the likelihood of a military coupe. If this occurs, it may lead to improvement in U. S. and Pakistan Relations.


Extremely bleak. If the U.S. withdraws, we see an Afghanistan with a heavy Taliban influence. We do not think that Pakistan can sufficiently train police forces in Afghanistan to stop the Taliban. As civil war breaks out, the Taliban will continue to have a large influence and Afghanistan will descend into Tribal disputes throughout the country. The existing government will not have sufficient military and police training by 2014 (the U.S. planned withdrawal date) and will no longer remain in control of Afghanistan.south centeral america



For more detailed information we will offer additional assessments or assessments of other areas. Please feel free to contact us. We also think that NGOs such as UN and private interests will also come under increased attack. Armour Group's following product line provides an immediate response to these threats:




ONEWAY glassONEWAY Return Fire Glass: Provides ballistic protection from one side and the ability to counterattack from the other, ONEWAY® Return Fire Glass maintains structural integrity and protection levels while allowing defenders to return fire without diminishing protective qualities. Available on all Armour Group products.



ONEWAY glassRhinoCHARGE: Armored tactical command vehicle and personnel carrier. Designed with the highest technology to maximize power to weight ratio for superior agility and survivability in direct combat operations. Protects up to NIJ Level IV. Built using Common Off The Shelf (COTS) parts that are readily available to reduce life cycle support cost.



ONEWAY glassRhinoRAPTOR: Light armored tactical vehicle and personnel carrier. Configured with long and short boxes to transport 3 to 5 personnel. Light weight design and maneuverability provides protects up to NIJ Level III. Built using Common Off The Shelf (COTS) parts that are readily available to reduce life cycle support cost.



ONEWAY glassRhinoTAC: Armored personnel carrier that protects up to NIJ Level IV. Fully self-contained Transportable Removable Capsule (TAC) with generator and A/C. Configured as a personnel carrier, guard post, and / or command and control center..



ONEWAY glassRhinoRUNNER: Armored bus for VIP and personnel transport in high-risk zones. Configured to seat 28 to 48 occupants. Available in 4x4 and 6x6 all wheel drive versions. Built using COTS (Common Off The Shelf) parts that are readily available to reduce life cycle support cost.



ONEWAY glassRhinoINTERCEPT: 15 meter sea interdiction vessel. Armored protection up to NIJ Level IV. Operates in shallow intercoastal waters and high seas at speeds of 50 knots. Configurable with optional weapons stations.



ONEWAY glassRhinoRAIDER: 12 meter sea interdiction vessel. Armored protection up to NIJ Level IV. Operates in shallow intercoastal waters and high seas at speeds of 60 knots. Configurable with optional weapons stations.



ONEWAY glassRhinoPAK: Up-armored kit for military and commercial SUV and pickup truck models. Provides protection up to NIJ Level IV.



RhinoMEDICRhinoMEDIC: RhinoMEDIC is a mobile hospital and surgical suite that operates over all national highway systems and roads. It is fully self-contained with scrubbed air, water, gas, vacuum hookups and electric power. Configurable with armored protection up to NIJ Level IV.



ONEWAY glassRhinoSHUTTLE: Armored van for personnel and VIP transport. Configured to accommodate up to 12 personnel. Built using Common Off The Shelf (COTS) parts to reduce life cycle support cost.



ONEWAY glassRhinoRIOT: Designed to provide non-violent solutions to disrupt civilian demonstrations. Configurable with optional water cannon and plow blade. Protects up to NIJ Level IV.



ONEWAY glassRhinoINTERCEPT: 15 meter vessel operates in shallow coastal waters and high seas. Configurable as a search and rescue vessel.


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