Paving the way for medical cannabis in Europe

We bring the power of nature to your door, a timeless natural breakthrough

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Innovators in Delta-9-THC products

The Armour Group is the Europe’s foremost cannabis telehealth, dispensing and research ecosystem. From plant to pill, we diligently cover all angles to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. Our products are made to improve your quality of life, to make you feel like yourself again. The Armour Group utilises the highest quality inputs in drug development. Through understanding the endocannabinoid system, we are able to produce drugs that help patients get their lifestyle back.

A focus on smart distribution and logistics, keeping lean and using just in time systems

Through our pharmaceutical distribution partner we distribute medicinal cannabis in the UK and Germany across 3,000 independent pharmacies and major groups across Europe.


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Clinical research

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Clients come first

Prioritising patient care above all other company goals

3,000 pharmacies

The Armour Group has a pipeline of solutions and medical cannabis for patients and is creating a drug development portfolio that pushes the boundaries on the potential of cannabinoids, thus helping more people suffering with disease to get back to lives worth living.

Pharmaceutical presence

Licenses in the pharmaceutical industry to be able to provide a bespoke service around the world

Medicinal products

Products research and developed to cater for medical use across patient indications

European offices

Company has offices in the UK and Germany to handle the complex logistics in the modern world

Endocannabinoid system (ESM) product research and development

Award-winning team

Our team is diverse and covers a vast range of experiences, from cannabis distribution to pharmacological research to finance and governance.

Strategic execution

Optimising strategy execution and empowering leadership decision-making. A key focus and expertise in eCommerce, marketing, and technology which amplifies the company into new markets.