Welcome to the future of telehealth

Telehealth is the most straightforward way of treating patients, facilitated by TAG's frontier pushing infrastructure.

With our network of qualified specialist doctors who have experience in interacting with patients in a completely non-judgemental way, we can provide care through utilising technology which means your patient journey looks like this:

Call us

Talk to one of our sympathetic and informative specialist doctors to understand your situation, whether you are eligible, and get the essential legal details required for any medicines.


If qualified, our doctors will inform you (we need a time length here - people get anxious if this is long because they think something is wrong with them or the process) within XYZ.

Right after this, our staff will handle everything related to your receiving the flowers in the verified postal service, which is included in your prescription price.

This includes quality control, stock management, logistics, and other crucial details to ensure that you always have access to your medicines.


Your flowers will arrive in discreet and safe packaging.

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Trust elios to shield you from ailments and help you bounce back to your old self again

Elios Clinics is one of the leading providers of healthcare. Being the name of the ancient God of the Sun, Elios is the source of life and light. So, the name of the clinics wholly unveils our mission and all our activities and services. Elios Clinics provides the best patient care and the most effective and hands-on support system. It gives our patients a chance for a second life and insightful self-awareness. A holistic and individual approach to each and every patient is the motto that drives us forth. Our high-profile specialists develop personalized care plans and regularly monitor the progress. We promise to help you with a number of health conditions, ranging from neuropathic pain to inflammation, cancer-related side-effects to insomnia, stress to anxiety. We apply cutting-edge technology to ensure the best results possible. We strive to build trust and rapport with our patients so that they could feel cared for both physically and emotionally. We strongly believe that with the help of our highly professional doctors and their individually tailored treatment plans, you can say ‘No’ to a wide range of health conditions and fill your life with light. With us your life is always shipshape.