About us

About us

A diverse driven team with duplex industry background experiences

The Armour Group was founded with the simple and ground-breaking vision of using the power of the endocannabinoid system to improve the quality of lives for patients. The knowledge existed, and with archaic legislation finally thawing, The Armour Group was able to start paving the way for cannabis pharmaceuticals in Europe. It is a privilege for us to be able to provide so much relief for so many, and we look forward to the future.

Our Story

2019 was the year of company inception

Built the company that would aim to start paving the way for cannabis in Europe for the benefits of patients of all kinds.


In 2020 we curated company focus, branding and distribution and licensing model

The company’s focus was evident from day one, the vision was refined and leveraged.


Throughout 2021 Q1 we formed strategic supply chained alliances

Through relationships, both old and new, The Armour Group was able to procure supply chain components and contracts in times of supply chain chaos. We believe this is a testament to The Armour Groups resilience, resourcefulness, and receptive.


Further into 2021 Q3 a further milestone was hit with a fully complete distribution chain

Understanding that the lessons of the pandemic and challenges that confront contemporary distribution chains, The Armour Group completed a distribution chain that was designed for resilience – consistency in distribution for patients was a critical point of The Armour Groups infrastructure.


2021 - Q4 Received wholesale licence in Germany

Building upon The Armour Groups relationships in Germany, we achieved our wholesale license to be able to distribute and operate in the largest economy and market in Europe.


2022 - Q1 Appointed board and closed investment

The board was appointed with the understanding that knowledge is critical. This provides the company with very strong leverage to understand key challenges that face our patients and our partners.


2022 - November Launched and operational in UK

Launch our series of extracts into the UK and German markets.


2023 - Launch of Elios Clinics in the UK

Launch our series of extracts into the UK markets.